— Staff, Industry, Advocacy and Community

In order to create meaningful change within the bike industry and community, we must first cultivate our own understanding of the issues and challenges that exist.

PeopleForBikes Staff Internal Work

We surveyed our staff to assess their understanding of anti-racism and mobility justice. We asked for feedback on statements like: “I have the tools to address institutional racism in my workplace” and “I have a basic understanding of concepts related to mobility justice.”  We will leverage the results to provide our staff with supportive resources that meet them where they are, allowing us to measure our progress over time.

We developed an anti-racism reading, listening and volunteering guide to share meaningful resources among staff members.

In the near term, we’re dedicating time and resources to educate ourselves and find local groups that we can support both financially and through volunteer work. 

All PeopleForBikes staff were invited to attend day two of our Virtual Bicycle Leadership Conference (BLC), which focused on mobility justice and anti-racism.

We will schedule an anti-racism training for all staff in 2021.

We will invest in professional development opportunities related to diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) for our staff.

Bike Industry

In order to learn how our industry members understand anti-racism and mobility justice, we issued an industry survey for feedback on statements like: “The bike industry is committed to mobility justice.”  The survey results will enable us to better support our members with resources and help us measure progress over time.

We invited all industry members to day two of our Virtual Bicycle Leadership Conference (BLC), which focused on mobility justice and anti-racism.

Bike Advocacy + Community

Last spring, we launched our Ride Spot Ambassador program with an emphasis on finding diverse representatives of bike riding communities across the country. The ambassadors create and share compelling content that represents all walks of life.




In November, we will launch an online video series and resource library for city leaders, decision makers and community advocates. This series will provide cities with the necessary tools and information to increase bicycle participation among diverse stakeholders, incentivize new ways of using bikes to achieve community goals, accelerate the construction of complete bike networks, and develop strategies for addressing common barriers to biking, including how to grow equitable access to bicycling throughout a city.