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In order to create meaningful change within the bike industry and bicycling community, we must first cultivate our own understanding of the issues and challenges that exist around us.


PeopleForBikes Staff Internal Work

  • We surveyed our staff to assess their understanding of anti-racism and mobility justice. We asked for feedback on statements like, “I have the tools to address institutional racism in my workplace” and, “I have a basic understanding of concepts related to mobility justice.”  We will use the results to provide our staff with the proper supportive resources that allow them to learn and grow, measuring our progress over time.

  • We developed an anti-racism reading, listening, and volunteering guide to share among staff members.

  • All staff was invited to collectively work through the Building Blocks of DEI series provided by Camber Outdoors.

  • We started a discussion around our core values for DEI as an organization and how we want to frame those core values. We plan to continue this discussion as a part of our organization-wide strategic planning process.

Bike Advocacy + Community

  • UPDATE: We donated $5,000 to Radical Adventure Rider's SJ Brooks Scholarship to honor diversity in race, gender and class within the cycling community.

  • We funded research in 10 U.S. cities led by Charles T. Brown focused on understanding the physical and social barriers to biking and helping communities build strong local partnerships to  accelerate the growth of bicycling. 

  • We developed Ride Spot to break down barriers for new riders by showing them safe places to ride, people to ride with, amplifying their voices, and bringing awareness to the mission of advocates doing great things for riders in their communities.

  • Last spring, we launched our Ride Spot Ambassador program with an emphasis on finding diverse representatives of bike riding communities across the country. The ambassadors create and share compelling and inclusive content that represents everyone who rides a bike.

  • We joined the Transportation Equity Caucus to learn from and contribute to justice-centered transportation policy and advocacy. The TEC brings together organizations and interests from across the transportation field to promote and organize around equity in mobility. 

  • We helped form the Pathways to Transit Coalition, made up of bicycle, transit, micromobility, infrastructure and labor interests, to leverage our collective voice for federal investment in bike and pedestrian infrastructure around transit. We supported the creation of a policy proposal that outlines funding needs across the U.S. and the power of connected infrastructure to keep people moving.



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